Accountability matters

To serve people in crisis safely and effectively, we need more than just good intentions.

People must be able to hold aid organisations accountable for delivering the support they need. This requires uncomfortable — but overdue — changes to the power structures that govern our current humanitarian and development systems.

This year’s CHS Exchange will tackle the issue of people affected by crisis knowing and exercising their rights. Together, we will learn from other people centered movements, hear what concrete changes are needed to shift power imbalances, and strategise on how to take collective responsibility in complex settings.

What to expect?

Over three days, we will have a mix of plenary and workshop style sessions, plus opportunities to network. Highlights include:

  • Keynotes Jane Connors, UN Victims Rights Advocate and Jan Egeland, NRC Secretary General and Eminent Person for the Grand Bargain leading thought-provoking conference plenaries.
  • Daily facilitated panel discussions inviting unfiltered opinions from those shaking up the status-quo.
  • 12 informative and interactive workshops led by CHS Alliance members sharing their insights into making real change on the urgent challenges our sector faces, including:
    • protection from sexual abuse, exploitation and harassment and the role of donors in safeguarding;
    • understanding and addressing power in aid organisations;
    • recognising the leadership of local and national actors;
    • being truly accountable to the people we serve.

See the full agenda & book your place at this Exchange.

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