Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Dates: 24-25 May 2018 Full description and course program: Click here Course fee: Click here Target audience: This course is designed for experienced humanitarian practitioners working for organizations concerned with longer-term strategic planning, decision-making, and organizational development. Other interested individuals are also welcome to apply. Apply now

Course description

The types, dynamics, and dimensions of the drivers of humanitarian crises are changing dramatically. The challenge for those with humanitarian roles and responsibilities is to be sure that they and their organizations have the capacities to effectively deal with an ever more complex and uncertain humanitarian future. With this prospect in mind, the Special Workshop on Humanitarian Futures will introduce a series of ‘tools’ – methodologies and approaches – designed to enable professionals in the humanitarian sector to meet the challenges of the future. The two-day workshop will be highly interactive, and – beginning with the Organizational Self-Assessment Tool – geared in various ways to the individual needs of participants.


Randolph Kent Director, Humanitarian Futures Platform
Joanne Burke Project Consultant, Humanitarian Futures Platform

How to apply

Please use this application form to apply for the course. The course is open to PHAP members and to non-members. PHAP members enjoy course fee discounts, as well as other benefits. If you are not yet a member of PHAP, you can apply for membership and the selected training simultaneously through the course application form. PHAP members who have already attended five or more days of training courses offered by PHAP, HPCR, or HPCR International, may be eligible for our Returning Participant Discount Program. Group discounts are available for agencies and employers wishing to send several staff to PHAP trainings. Please visit our fees and terms and conditions page or contact us directly. Apply now Course fees
Regular fees (for PHAP members) Non-member
Special Workshop (2 days)              € 600 € 660
Fees cover all training material, access to preparatory online course on the Essentials of International Humanitarian Law, and lunches and coffee breaks for the days of the training. Fees do not cover travel or accommodation costs. For information about group rates and available discounts, please visit our course fees and discounts page. PHAP offers a limited number of seats at a reduced fee, in accordance with the association's Tuition Assistance Policy. Please read it carefully to check whether you are eligible and learn how to submit you request. Before applying, please read about the terms and conditions of your application. Apply now For assistance, please contact PHAP click here

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