Humanitarian Alternatives has been made possible through the generosity of its financial Partners and Support Committee. In addition, various training institutions contributing to the review’s content have joined the Scientific Council. This multi-partnership serves as a model that exemplifies the spirit of collegiality and transversality that lies at the heart of the review. The review is considered as a common good to be shared with the entire humanitarian sector.

Financial Partners


The financial Partners, as members of the Orientation Council and the main source of funding, oversee the review’s expansion and development.

The Support Committee

The Support Committee gives humanitarian organisations, institutions, and individuals wishing to participate in the review’s development, the opportunity to make contributions according to their means.


Solidarités International

Métropole de Lyon

Fondation Lord Michelham of Hellingly

Academic partners

The publication of the review is also supported by various educational institutions who are part of the Scientific Council.