Issue 1 - Ebola: the end of the nightmare?


Issue 1 - Ebola: the end of the nightmare?

Why risk publishing a new international humanitarian review?


Benoît Miribel, Jean-Baptiste Richardier, Jean-Christophe Rufin, Jean-François Mattei

At the beginning of the 1970’s, the creation of Médecins sans Frontières wrote the first pages of a history in which numerous initiatives sharing a renewed conception of humanitarian action are inscribed. Close to half a century later the following recognition is required: the reputation of the “frontierless” movement remains attached to the original ruptures […]

Lessons from Ebola


Benoît Miribel, Jean-François Delfraissy

Ebola: past, present and future


David L. Heymann, Michael Edelstein

Breaking the Ebola virus transmission chains: the story of a deployment in Sierra Leone


Gaëlle Faure, Jean-Baptiste Richardier, Jérôme Besnier, Magalie Vairetto, Pauline Lavirotte

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