Long live philanthropy!

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Why is philanthropy vital? To which emergencies is it confronted? How to act? With whom? Crises succeed each other, States no longer have the means required to fulfill their ambitions, and lives, disrupted by the sudden evolution of our societies, face a multitude of hazards. Philanthropy is one of the positive responses to this world that neglects humanity. In France, the culture of giving becomes widespread; fund-raising is ever more professional; and the French – all generations considered – are more and more committed. Individuals, families, associations, businesses: philanthropy concerns us all. It is a deep commitment that is lived out each day. Its forms being manifold, each and every one of us – according to our means, our values and our beliefs – can find what drives us. There are no ‘small philanthropists’; there are philanthropists! Nurtured from many testimonies, this book provides an overview of philanthropy and shows how the emotional value of a donation and the satisfaction felt when committing exceed its nominal amount.”

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