Issue 22 - Mental health: from awareness to action


Issue 22 - Mental health: from awareness to action

Mental health: a necessary global approach


Pierre Gallien, Stéphanie Stern

Since the mid-1990s, mental health has been recognised as a crucial aspect of human suffering in humanitarian crises. Many organisations have built expertise specific to acute crisis situations based on years of experience and practices, developed in Bosnia, Rwanda or Chechnya. This increased awareness has highlighted new needs and formalised new approaches spanning the whole […]

Treating mental health in conflict zones in Burkina Faso with Traumatic Stress Relief (TSR)


Adeline Pupat, Dodo Ilunga Diemu, Harouna Yacoubou, Jean-Pierre Alley, Victoire Hubert

Coloniality and intersectionality in mental health: a rallying call


Christian Laval, Guillaume Pégon, Marie Viviane Goupougouni Leni

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